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Like many of you – Sacred Heart College – has played and continues to play a special part in my life – what it has done, what it continues to do and what it will do for my family in future.

The Sacred Heart College Foundation is an important enabler of the college community and having recently taken on the role of President of the SHC Foundation, I would like to extend you a brief introduction to the Foundation and what it aspires to achieve.

The fundamental values Sacred Heart has provided to us all – a sense of Community, Friendship, Humility, Equality and Heritage – are central to the role of Foundation President and the efforts to support the evolution of the College Community into the future.

The Sacred Heart College Foundation was established in 1989.

The Foundation’s primary purpose –To provide financial support to the College

  • The Foundation aligns with goals of the College and provides money to assist school projects over and above budgets as/when opportunity presents;
  • Money is raised through donations and other financial support provided by current and past parents, old scholars and friends of the school.

The Foundation has contributed to recent projects including:-

  • Performing Art centres, the Brighton Road Oval lights and the recent purchase of a property on Oaklands Road.

The Foundation even has an ambition to raise $200K to support the current Main Oval renovation project.

While financial support is the primary purpose of the Foundation, it does also serve to enable connection and growth of the Sacred Heart Community

The College has a strategy to build a stronger connection between the current day school and old scholars – ultimately the broader Sacred Heart Community.

The Foundation provides ongoing resource, jointly funded with the College, to support the Old Collegians. It enables the various website platforms, facilitates publications like the Blue and Blue and also manages a database of old scholars for distribution of communication.

More recently, the Foundation developed a process to support school reunions while the Foundation also funds two bursaries to students of the school.

The Foundation, for the last 12 years, has been under the leadership of Jim Whiting. Jim has been a constant of the Foundation and for this we owe him an enormous debt of gratitude.

I was honoured when Jim asked me to step into the role of President and I will treat the role with the reverence it deserves. The Foundation will strive to achieve three key things in partnership with the College:-

  1. Support the school to achieve the Strategic Growth Plan – current agenda:
    • The Main Oval renovation
    • Declining enrolments of Year 10 girls
  2. Build the link between the College and the Old Scholars:
    • Sacred Heart Community is a powerful force – many need it
    • We will focus on developing links to our country Old Scholars
  3. Grow the brand of the Sacred Heart College Foundation and SHOCs:
    • Continue to build the database
    • Develop and improve a stronger communications program

We are at an exciting but challenging time for the school and the College Community. The Foundation will serve to support the College to navigate these times of opportunity and growth and establish even stronger links and connections with the community into the future. We would welcome your involvement either financially or physically. If you would like to get involved please jump on to our website and connect with us.

I thank you again for what you do for the Sacred Heart community and look forward to building our community further, together into the future.


Rob McKay



Foundation Projects

Since its inception in 1989 the Foundation has supported the following projects:-

  1. SHC Senior Boarding House Stage 2
  2. SHC Senior Boarding House Stage 4
  3. SHC Hospitality Centre
  4. Relocation of Marymount College
  5. SHC Middle School Performing Arts Centre
  6. SHC Senior Performing Arts Centre
  7. Marcellin Learning Centre
  8. Extension to Girls Boarding House
  9. Refurbishment of SHC Senior Science Labs
Sacred Heart College Foundation Inc.
Sacred Heart College Foundation Inc.
Sacred Heart College Foundation Inc.
Sacred Heart College Foundation Inc.


Foundation Honour Board

Members of the Sacred Heart College Foundation are recognised on an Honour Board located in Paringa Hall.  Anyone who has donated $5,000 or more is recognised on this Honour board.  There are three different levels of membership reflecting donor support.  These are 

Foundation Benefactor $25,000 or above

Foundation Fellow $5,000 to $25,000

Foundation Member $5 to $5,000


The Foundation offers a benefit to the recipient of the Champagnat Award at the Middle School and also to a Year 11 student at the Senior School.  For further information on the Bursaries, please refer to the Scholarships Policy on the website.

Many thanks to all our contributors and donors and to all those who assist in a voluntary capacity to help us achieve our goals.

If you wish to make contact with the Foundation, you can do so by contacting:

Jane Mason
Foundation Office Administrator
Sacred Heart College Senior
195-235 Brighton Road
Somerton Park

Telephone:  8350 2590

Rob McKay

Latest News From the Foundation

Foundation news April 2015

Foundation news April 2015

The Sacred Heart College Foundation began the year by hosting a breakfast after Mass in the Chapel on 11 March. Mass was given by Monsignor Rob Egar and this was followed by a light breakfast held in the Parlour. Many old scholars and Foundation members attended the breakfast. Another breakfast will be held in Term 4 at a date to be advised. […]

Centenary Celebrations

Centenary Celebrations

On 11 October approximately 270 old scholars, current and past parents gathered in the Brother Stephen Debourg Performing Arts Centre to celebrate 100 years of Sacred Heart College at Paringa Hall. In July 1914 Sacred Heart College relocated from Largs Bay after the Cudmore family sold the property. In its first four years at Paringa Hall, Sacred Heart College used […]

Bequest from William (Bill) Regan

Bequest from William (Bill) Regan

We had a lovely surprise recently when we were advised of a significant Bequest from William (Bill) Regan.  Bill passed away on 6 May 2013 and when probate was granted recently, we were advised of a Bequest for $79,000.  Bill also made significant Bequests to other charities as part of his Will. Bill was well known to the Foundation and […]