A History of SHOCs

The Sacred Heart Old Collegians Association (formerly referred to as “Sacred Heart Old Boys Union”) was established in late 1907 while Sacred Heart College was located at Largs Bay.  Brother Brendan was the Principal of the College at the time, having taken over from Brother Stephen who fell ill with typhoid fever.

The conversation took place after a cricket match between past and present students on Largs Reserve which was followed by a dinner at the College hosted by the Marist Brothers and Brother Brendan.  At the dinner, the formation of an old boys union was suggested and within a fortnight a well attended meeting of ex-students, with Brother Brendan as chair, decided to form an ex-student’s association.

The Sacred Heart Old Collegians Association was created to promote the school in the workplace and community, demonstrating just where the school is going and providing feedback to the school as to the community’s response to its aspirations and operations.

1907 First Old Boys Union Committee

Initial Committee, Elected 17 October 1907
Standing: James McGuire, John Curtin (later elected second President), Brother Brendan, Aloysius Gatzemeyer, Charles Darwent, Jim Miller.
Sitting: Roy Mansfield, Thos Doherty (Secretary), Len Howard (First President), Brother Wilbred, William Byrne.

The Sacred Heart Old Collegians Association was very active through the years 1907 to 1910 and held regular events such as a Communion Breakfast, a Banquet, a Drag Picnic (a drag was a large, open four-wheeled vehicle drawn by four horses and accommodating from 20 to 25 people) and sporting past v present fixtures in cricket and football.  Attendance at all of these activities was excellent and interest ran high.  Significant contact with the College was maintained by many of those who had attended the College.

1908 Old Boys Union BanquetANNUAL BANQUET PROGRAMME, 1908

There was starting to be growing confusion about who could be a member of the Sacred Heart Old Boys Union given that the Marist Brothers had taken over a school at Norwood and the Port Adelaide School which had once been the home of Sacred Heart College now had a secondary department.

Given that Brother Placid had recently become Principal of Sacred Heart College and he had a strong affiliation with Marist Brothers School at Norwood, he felt it was his position to do something about this and made a move to change the constitution to allow old scholars of other Marist schools to belong to the organisation.  Hence a meeting was held on 27 April 1911 where it was unanimously decided to extend the union by inviting all ex-students of Marist Schools in SA to join and a new name was decided on, Marist Brothers’ Old Scholars’ Association.

In 1923 it was decided that it was time to form a new association just for the ex-students of Sacred Heart College and in the Southern Cross on 8 June 1923 the following remark is reflected:-

“The promoters of this society feel that the present MBOSA is not able to effectively cater for the wishes of the past pupils of this College. It is an association of all ex-students of the Marist Brothers’ day schools at Port Adelaide and Norwood and of the College at Glenelg. The Committee feels that the unity of interest and the feeling of affection towards one’s old school (so essential to the success of an old scholars’ association) cannot exist when there is no one institution to which members can look as their Alma Mater. Furthermore, the ex-students of Norwood have their own association, and the present MBOSA is inactive.”

There is no record of the Annual General Meeting of the Sacred Heart Collegians Association held on 15 June 1923 but it was at that meeting that Jack Davoren was chosen as the first President.  It wasn’t until 1995 that it became known as the “Sacred Heart Old Collegians Association.

The Sacred Heart Old Collegians Association has now proudly launched its first website and newsletter with its own Facebook page with 1,189 members.  It is also affiliated with sporting clubs for football, cricket, soccer and netball.

The current President of the Sacred Heart Old Scholars Association is Michaela Kenneally.